Lujan-Merriman Development Group has launched its third fund, LMDG Fund III , LP.  LMDG and it's affiliates have completed over $100,000,000 in transactions as an owner.  Our goal is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors while protecting them against downside risk.


The fund will focus on intrinsic real estate value that translates into long term cash flow and immediate value enhancement.  The Fund targets assets within coastal cities in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as strategic neighborhoods within Los Angeles, Hollywood, and West Hollywood.  

The Fund will emphasize a long-term hold strategy with a strategic market focus backed by strong fundamental analysis of economics, demographics, and local supply and demand conditions.

For greater detail, download our marketing flyer now.

  • Fund Size: $100,000,000
  • Target Investor IRR: 8% - 12%
  • Target Equity Multiple: 2.0x - 3.0x
  • Target Investment Period: 10 years
  • Investment Profile: Value-Add Income Fund
  • Property Type: Multifamily, In-fill land, and single family residential investments
  • Management Fee: 0%